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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

So a bunch of us got together for the Saint Patrick’s Day parade in...

Six Strong Alabama Women

Today is International Women’s Day and we would like to honor the strong women from Alabama who changed the course of history as well as welcome the women who will change the future.

Eight Awesome Crowd Sourced Projects

Since the middle ages, artists and inventors have had to beg patrons and kings for financial support in order to further their research and passions. So why should it be such a surprise that these days the same is happening.

Whiskey Wednesday: Four Roses

It’s been two weeks wince our last whiskey tasting, so we decided to try it again. This time, we went with Four Roses.

Our Mission:

Unite the community of Chivers throughout the state of Alabama in order to create a better opportunity for Chivers to contribute to charities, conduct Random Acts of Kindness, and promote the general welfare of their peers.

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